A Year in Review

In the spirit of the season, I’ve been looking back at 2013 and looking ahead toward 2014. I always find this time of year depressing. It’s too easy to compare where I am now where I was this time last year and see very little difference. And apply that to a lifetime. What have I accomplished? What has my life been worth?

I tend to find my self-worth in output. And when I work eight hours a day, five days a week and see no measurable profit at the end of the year, it’s a serious blow. I know all that work resulted in something, but with no agent hooked, no publisher interest, I’m not sure I believe it.

So I’m going to try something to convince myself my time has worth. Maybe I can visualize this year’s accomplishments.

This year I:

  • Finished the final draft of By Wingéd Chair 
  • Pitched By Wingéd Chair and queried over thirty agents about it
  • Finished both the first and second drafts of A Shroud For My Bride
  • Wrote the first draft of my seventh book, Talon Force during Nanowrimo
  • Increased my online presence through Facebook, Twitter, and this blog
  • Attended my third writer’s conference
  • Joined Delve Writing to hone my craft with a great community of writers
  • Read forty-four books. Okay that’s depressing no matter how I look at it considering I usually read 100 books in a year. I’ll give myself a bit of a break since I wrote so much this year, but I’ll have to step up my game in the future.
  • Spent a month world-building for my series and created an encyclopedia for the details
  • Not to mention all the personal things like my sister’s engagement, joining the youth group staff, cleaning the basement, numerous vacations, celebrating my seventh anniversary, and discovering gnocchi

Wow, when I look at it that way, I accomplished quite a bit this year. There’s a lot on that list to be proud of. And a couple things to improve on next year. Next time I start to doubt my progress, I can look back and see just how much I’m doing.


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2 Responses to A Year in Review

  1. Arielle

    I’m going to assume that my engagement is on this list because when I moved here you said, “Now I just need to find you a boy to marry so you’ll stay forever.” Considering I wouldn’t have met him if you hadn’t invited me to live with you, I guess you deserve some credit for that.

    Next year, can “paid all my sister’s student loans off” be on your list of accomplishments?

  2. Don’t I know it, Kendra!
    OY – this whole *Process* thing is a pain-in-the…
    That said – you out created and outread my by a mile and a half or so.
    So you keep looking for output and I’ll try to be like you. 🙂
    – Ms

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