Rolling as an Extreme Sport

One of my favorite things about using a wheelchair is flying down ramps, but I think I can safely say I will never be as brave as this guy. Aaron Fotheringham might be one of my new heroes. He’s a 21 year-old wheelchair moto-cross athlete with spina bifida. I love the way he’s made his own hybrid sport out of his disability. Aaron is known for landing the first wheelchair backflip and the first double backflip and now he tours the world, performing his gravity defying tricks and showing kids with disabilities that wheelchairs aren’t limiting in the least.

He makes me feel less guilty about zipping around Costco as fast as I can and testing my braking distance around their corners. Note: super slick floors plus nice high pressure wheels equals lots of exciting sliding. I really liked what he had to say about changing the way people see wheelchairs. And how a wheelchair isn’t part of you, it’s just something you’re riding. Like a bike. And bikes are fun, right?


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  1. Lissy

    Heck yes. I remember thinking how awesome it was when you were zooming around Yellowstone like you owned the place.

  2. This is so cool! Aaron is crazy 🙂 I am so inspired by him and all he has accomplished. Thanks for sharing this cool video…can’t wait to see your double back flip- you’ve been practicing, right? Lol.

  3. Unbelievable! Even a ramp would be challenging for me–I’m *not* an adrenaline junkie!


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