So This Guy’s Still Doing Awesome Things

I was out till three in the morning last night with some friends at The Hobbit double feature (great movies by the way),  so today is a slacking off kind of day. I figured I’d share something cool with y’all then head back to bed.

Remember this guy?

I love that Aaron teamed up with Devin because he does some really gorgeous short films and music videos. I can always tell a Devin Graham piece by about two seconds in.


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2 Responses to So This Guy’s Still Doing Awesome Things

  1. Wow. Thanks for sharing this. I thought of about a handful of folks I must share this with now, too!
    You know – everytime I watch a skateboarder/snowboarder/bike trick video I think about all of the times that they must fall before they “hit it.” I’m glad this video included those. It’s not like a person just wakes up and can do stunts – there are a lot of falls and a lot of work in between. As further shown by this guys arms.

  2. Wow! He falls down a bunch of times but keeps smiling, keeps getting up to do it again. I guess writers are the same way…they keep getting rejected, keep rewriting, keep sending things out. Thanks for sharing!

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